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Slip into "Mexico Time"

Put away all the stresses of your everyday life; it's time to discover a world where time runs a little differently. This small country is sure to recharge your batteries. Uncover hidden Mayan ruins obscured by rainforest, a natural environment rich in biodiversity, and towns steeped in ancient traditions. Mexico boasts 67 protected areas as national parks including the Sumidero Canyon National Park and Grutas de Cacchuamilpa National Park to name a couple.

Mexican food is world renowned but there is nothing quite like experiencing the authentic versions of the most popular such as delicious chilaquiles, enchiladas and tostadas, washed down with an icy cold Corona.

There's a lot to see and do here, but it's best explored at a leisurely pace. Let our expert travel consultants do the heavy lifting for you - they can arrange your flights, accommodation, itinerary and all the logistics, while you can focus on enjoying a well-deserved escape to this paradise on earth.

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Things you should know about Mexico

The official currency is the Mexican Peso, but take US$ to pay for accommodation, sightseeing etc.  

Mexico uses the same power plug as North America so you will need to take an adaptor for NZ devices.

Spanish is the official language of Mexico although Indian Aztec and Mayan languages are also spoken.

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

Although Mexico is a relatively small country, it takes longer than you think to get around (a bit like New Zealand), so allow plenty of time,
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Buses are the most efficient form of long distance transport. Long distance buses are called camiones. Taxis are surprisingly cheap, domestic flights can save you time.
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The official currency of is the Costa Rican colon although US$ are widely accepted throughout the country.
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