Baltic States

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Comprising Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

The Baltic States are not so well known to us kiwis.  So firstly, the basics. Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia, Riga is the capital city of Latvia and Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania.  These three cities have their historic old towns included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list and all have beautiful buildings, a lot of nature, a castle or two and much more.

Spring or summer is the best time to visit so you can stroll the cities and also explore the great outdoors.  The national parks are some of Europe's most underrated destinations.

Ask our expert travel consultants for their best recommendations on the Baltic states so you can make the most of your visit to this fascinating destination.

Things you should know about the Baltic states

The Baltic states are diverse, each with its own history and culture, strongly influenced by Scandinavia, Germany, Poland and Russia.

Each of the three countries has its own language, with Russian as a common second, or even first, language of many, particularly in the cities. English is widely spoken among the younger generation educated after independence.

Ferries criss cross the Baltic Sea, there are also many Baltic cruises.

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

The local dumplings are called Pelmini, usually filled with beef or pork mince and served with sour cream and dill. Delicious!
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Pack your most comfortable walking shoes to make the most of your time in the cities and outdoors. The fabulous historic buildings, national parks and meandering markets are worth every step.
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The Baltics are brimming with amazing architectural gems, fairytale castles and elegant cities.
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