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The Matterhorn, watches, chocolate and cheese

When we think of Switzerland our mind goes to soaring rugged mountains, glittering blue lakes, famous alpine ski resorts, hiking trails and charming alpine villages. As well as jaw-dropping scenery, travellers are charmed by the many cultural attractions. Steeped in history cities such as Zurich, Geneva and Lousanne offer excellent museums and galleries, historic buildings and renowned music festivals. 

Bordered by France, Germany, Italy and Austria, Switzerland is country of multi-cultural sophistication, yet reveres its old world charm.

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Things you should know about Switzerland

The Matterhorn is 4,478m tall and its 4 steep faces lie in the direction of the compass points.

Swiss chocolate contains more milk than most chocolate which offers a distinctly smooth and creamy flavour.  A world famous brand is Toblerone which was created in 1908 by Theodor Tobler.

Whether you prefer fresh powder or groomed trails, the Swiss Alps have ski offerings for all levels of expertise, all with outstanding scenery and dependable snow conditions. As well as the big names like Zermatt and St Moritz where the rich and royalty hang out, Switzerland also offers a wide selection of smaller, more intimate resorts which may be more "us".

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

Trains are a great way to get around the country and it's really helpful to have a good handle on the train system before you leave home. There are apps, travel passes and usually first and second class is offered. Although more expensive first class does have its perks like wider seats and quieter train cars.
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If you're planning to do some hiking it's good to know that most of the websites for the major hiking trails offer webcams which give you a good idea of the terrain and the likely weather.
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Local currency in Switzerland is the swiss franc (not Euros), although most major merchants accept credit cards. But if you're planning to explore some local markets it pays to have local currency on hand.
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