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Samoa offers travellers the perfect mix of adventure, beautiful surroundings and genuine hospitality. You've got incredible natural formations like the To Sua Ocean Trench and the Papaseā€™ea sliding rocks that call to the outdoorsy. You can also mountain bike along a volcano, scuba dive among tropical fish or go hiking through lush rainforest. 

Those after an authentic Samoan experience may want to try shopping at a local market and then stay the night in a fale, a traditional form of accommodation by the ocean with a thatched roof and rolldown blinds for walls. Don't leave without sampling some of the local cuisine. Seafood is a staple, as are root vegetables and fresh fruit. The Samoan delicacy palolo can be tried around October/November - give it a go if you're feeling adventurous! 

There are many accommodation options available, catering to all budgets. Many of the resorts include a weekly fiafia night that is well worth joining in to learn about Samoan culture. Stay in a secluded bungalow surrounded by palm trees, a luxury beachside resort, or a guest fale to experience the Samoan village lifestyle. 

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Things you should know about Samoa

Samoa moved from east to west of the International Date Line in 2011, making it a full 24 hours ahead of American Samoa, its closest neighbour. 

Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of Treasure Island, settled in Samoa and was buried there. You can visit his mansion which was turned into a museum.

Almost twice as many Samoans live outside of Samoa as they do in the country itself, primarily in countries such as New Zealand, Australia and the United States. 

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