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Rhythm and rainforests

Brazil is South America’s largest country, and also one of its most diverse. What you see and do here is really up to how much time you have to spare. The atmosphere of Brazil's metropolises is something to be experienced. Even the least rhythmically gifted of travellers will find themselves succumbing to the sounds emanating from the streets and clubs. The country’s most well-known festival, Carnaval, is held throughout the streets of cities and towns around the nation before Lent each year. Other festivals are held throughout the year and provide a fascinating insight into the mix of cultures and peoples that call Brazil home. 

Some of Brazil’s most colourful sights lie well beyond its urban centres, however. Its rich and diverse natural landscapes range from the Amazonian rainforest to stunning white-sand beaches and coral reefs. Those willing to adventure outside the metropolises might be lucky enough to spot seat turtles, pink dolphins, howler monkeys, toucans or macaws in the wild. 

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Things you should know about Brazil

South America’s largest country, Brazil covers over half of the continent’s total landmass.

Brazil has the most UNESCO World Heritage sites in South America, with a total of 21.

Brazil’s football team have won the World Cup five times. 

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

Brazil and Argentina vie for the best barbecued meat. Try them both and decide for yourself!
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Although most of the Iguazu Falls are on the Argentinian side, spectacular panoramic views can be seen from the Brazilian side.
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North of Fortaleza are some of the best Kitesurfing areas in Brazil with consistent winds, cheap accommodation and fabulous seafood. Head to Ilha do Guajiru or Jericoacoara.
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