Touching and Tickling

Do you communicate with clients electronically?

Campaign monitor can be your very own personally branded Fuzion Travel electronic newsletter, produced by World Travellers, containing the latest holiday deals and articles to showcase your travel knowledge and expertise and to drive sales to your door. What makes the EDM unique is that you have full control over when you send it, if you send it, who you send it to, the content, frequency and look. Furthermore, the EDM system is available to you at any time to use for any type of communication to your customers, be it an invitation to a function, a quiz, a prize draw, or anything else you want to share with your database.

Keep in regular contact with all your clients without all the hard work of having to source deals, write articles and manage tricky terms and conditions. It’s all done for you, giving you more time to follow-up leads and look after your precious customers.

Lets you retain a very personal connection with your customers, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Every newsletter can contain a special message from you personally, and could feature (for instance) a photo of you in your favourite travel destination. This ensures your customers continue to enjoy their personal connection with you, building loyalty and trust.

Drives customers to your website, increasing your rankings with online search engines, which will ultimately make it easier for your customers and potential customers to find you when searching online.

You make the decisions around frequency and content. After all, you know your customers best. Plus you can log in from any computer connected to the internet, allowing you to be truly “mobile”.

Fuzion Travel and their affiliates have their own FB pages which have proved a success. Also other SM mediums twitter etc


Fuzion Travel have flexible remuneration model as we understand not one size fits all

Things we take into account are:

  • Your personal situation and life-style
  • If you want to run as an ‘office; with staff or as an individual ‘affiliate’The amount of time you have available to commit to your business
  • Whether you have an existing database or not
  • The level of work/life balance you’re looking for
  • The amount of time you spend travelling yourself to keep your travel knowledge up to date
  • The level of support you require or wish to have from your host store
  • Your location in relation to your host store
  • The resources you require from your host e.g. do you need a meeting room or desk?
  • Your knowledge and ability around marketing and technology\
  • Our expected annual sales
  • Your current industry situation
  • Your strengths and weaknesses in business