Cham Colyer

Cham Colyer

Travel Consultant

Hello everyone! I am Chamberlain originally from the Philippines.  I have always had a love of travelling and exploring places that picqued my interest in regards to culture, architecture and food.


I have worked in the hospitality industry for the past 3 years,  and am loving the face paced travel industry.


My best travel experience yet …..

I very much enjoyed touring the state of Victoria in Australia. Melbourne’s dining, shopping and urban laneways are exceptional. I also love cruising on the Great Ocean Road that leads to the Twelve Apostles. The beauty and the story behind the landmark are fascinating.


My experience so far being a Travel Consultant…

The excitement I feel when I learn new things is quite addicting. I have found a career that I am loving. I look forward to learning, understanding and discovering more of how I can assist my clients with seamless travel experiences.