Nicole Ambrusfy

Nicole Ambrusfy

Remote Travel Agent based in Whitianga supporting all our stores or Mobile Travel Consultant

Location" Availaible for phone and email consultations

"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"
- Anonymous

My first experience in travel was at 12 years old with family & friends to Plantation Island in Fiji.  A trip at such a young age that I never forgot and set me on the path to travel for the next 40+ years!  I've lived in California, Australia & the UK.  Some of my favourite countries I've journeyed to are Morocco, Hungary, Spain, Italy (& Sardinia), France, Greece, Holland, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, extensive USA, Mexico (on a cruise), and not  forgetting the wonderful Pacific Islands with Fiji too many times to count.

The role I play as your travel partner is to find out about your how, why & where you want to travel and put together the itinerary that is going to satisfy and exceed your expectations.  My customer service skills & experience have been honed with close to 20 years in this industry based in the front line.  

I look forward to chatting with you as would love to help you with your travel plans.