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World Travellers' marketing activity concentrates on what is effective at a local level. Each store's local name is strongly integrated alongside their World Travellers branding. The local marketing is coordinated via head office to ensure quality of product and accuracy in its representation.

The old adage that word of mouth is the best form of advertising rings true for World Travellers and underpins our business success. World Travellers has modernised this concept through our use of below the line marketing and integration with online social media. We also continue to blend this with more visible media where required.

World Travellers stores are successful in their local markets due to their long term local investment in time, community sponsorship and relationship building. In most cases their clientele measure is in excess of 85% repeat or referred across their business. The stores have a well balanced mix of SME (small to medium enterprises), quality leisure and group management. The benefit of a high level of repeat referred clientele means a lower cost to market for supplier products.

Our brand promise

Never has travelling the world been easier. And never has travelling the world been more complex as we reach out for exotic destinations far beyond our horizons. World Travellers is a fresh new brand of travel stores for an old-fashioned, trusted way of planning travel. We do it personally and professionally with a lot of care and proven expertise.

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