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World Travellers is an exclusive group of well established, highly respected, customer focused and proactive travel businesses with a proven record of profitable performance over 10 years or more in the New Zealand travel industry. Member businesses typically have a strong local presence and history of trading under their own brand and/or their own name, with high levels of customer service, referral and repeat business. They are savvy business owners who run good businesses and retain their staff. They service a range of mid to high-end leisure customers and corporate accounts from SME to large businesses. Membership is by application.

Member Profile

World Travellers members meet the following standards:

  • Proven ability to manage a successful business
  • Meet both retail and corporate customer needs
  • Are like minded and self motivated
  • Are willing to share ideas and engage with other World Travellers members
  • Share trading information with other members
  • Totally committed to the success of the World Travellers brand

This group is not for everyone. It will best suit well established, independently minded travel businesses who thrive on managing their own businesses to drive success. Input into the cooperative is expected and encouraged through quarterly think-tanks and networking meetings and also via our online community based ideas-sharing solution. While marketing is provided on a regular basis via an online templated marketing solution, the member is responsible for placing ads and ordering collateral.

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