Greece Sailing Adventure: Cyclades Islands

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Dec 31, 2024

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May 24, 2024Jun 2, 2024Shared Cabin$3,015.00
Jun 3, 2024Jun 12, 2024Shared Cabin$3,243.00
Jun 7, 2024Jun 16, 2024Shared Cabin$3,271.00
Jun 13, 2024Jun 22, 2024Shared Cabin$3,243.00
Jun 17, 2024Jun 26, 2024Shared Cabin$3,127.00
Jun 23, 2024Jul 2, 2024Shared Cabin$3,271.00
Jun 27, 2024Jul 6, 2024Shared Cabin$3,155.00
Jul 3, 2024Jul 12, 2024Shared Cabin$3,299.00
Jul 7, 2024Jul 16, 2024Shared Cabin$3,127.00
Jul 13, 2024Jul 22, 2024Shared Cabin$2,760.00
Jul 17, 2024Jul 26, 2024Shared Cabin$3,127.00
Jul 23, 2024Aug 1, 2024Shared Cabin$3,015.00
Jul 27, 2024Aug 5, 2024Shared Cabin$2,907.00
Aug 2, 2024Aug 11, 2024Shared Cabin$2,907.00
Aug 6, 2024Aug 15, 2024Shared Cabin$2,907.00
Aug 12, 2024Aug 21, 2024Shared Cabin$2,907.00
Aug 16, 2024Aug 25, 2024Shared Cabin$2,907.00
Aug 22, 2024Aug 31, 2024Shared Cabin$3,015.00
Aug 26, 2024Sep 4, 2024Shared Cabin$3,215.00
Sep 1, 2024Sep 10, 2024Shared Cabin$3,243.00
Sep 5, 2024Sep 14, 2024Shared Cabin$3,243.00
Sep 11, 2024Sep 20, 2024Shared Cabin$3,211.00
Sep 15, 2024Sep 24, 2024Shared Cabin$3,355.00
Sep 21, 2024Sep 30, 2024Shared Cabin$3,355.00
Oct 1, 2024Oct 10, 2024Shared Cabin$2,907.00
Oct 11, 2024Oct 20, 2024Shared Cabin$2,907.00
May 3, 2025May 12, 2025Shared Cabin$3,755.00
May 13, 2025May 22, 2025Shared Cabin$3,755.00
May 23, 2025Jun 1, 2025Shared Cabin$3,755.00
May 27, 2025Jun 5, 2025Shared Cabin$3,755.00
Jun 2, 2025Jun 11, 2025Shared Cabin$3,755.00
Jun 6, 2025Jun 15, 2025Shared Cabin$3,755.00
Jun 12, 2025Jun 21, 2025Shared Cabin$3,755.00
Jun 16, 2025Jun 25, 2025Shared Cabin$3,900.00
Jun 22, 2025Jul 1, 2025Shared Cabin$3,900.00
Jul 2, 2025Jul 11, 2025Shared Cabin$3,900.00
Jul 6, 2025Jul 15, 2025Shared Cabin$3,900.00
Jul 12, 2025Jul 21, 2025Shared Cabin$3,900.00
Jul 16, 2025Jul 25, 2025Shared Cabin$3,900.00
Jul 22, 2025Jul 31, 2025Shared Cabin$3,900.00
Jul 26, 2025Aug 4, 2025Shared Cabin$4,040.00
Aug 1, 2025Aug 10, 2025Shared Cabin$4,040.00
Aug 5, 2025Aug 14, 2025Shared Cabin$4,040.00
Aug 11, 2025Aug 20, 2025Shared Cabin$4,040.00
Aug 15, 2025Aug 24, 2025Shared Cabin$4,040.00
Aug 21, 2025Aug 30, 2025Shared Cabin$4,040.00
Aug 25, 2025Sep 3, 2025Shared Cabin$4,040.00
Aug 31, 2025Sep 9, 2025Shared Cabin$4,040.00
Sep 4, 2025Sep 13, 2025Shared Cabin$4,040.00
Sep 10, 2025Sep 19, 2025Shared Cabin$3,900.00
Sep 14, 2025Sep 23, 2025Shared Cabin$3,755.00
Sep 20, 2025Sep 29, 2025Shared Cabin$3,755.00
Sep 24, 2025Oct 3, 2025Shared Cabin$3,755.00
Sep 30, 2025Oct 9, 2025Shared Cabin$3,755.00
Fulfil your dreams of sailing the Greek Islands on a ten-day seafaring adventure around the renowned Cyclades. Setting off from Santorini, cruise the Aegean Sea in search of ancient towns, secluded coves and holiday hotspots like Mykonos and Paxos. Throw in some freshly caught seafood, local wines and a laidback way of life, and you’re set to drift and roll to the patterns of the ocean. Cool off with regular swims in the Aegean’s turquoise seas and get the lay of the land from a local leader who’s got all the people in the right places. Trust us – it’s all smooth sailing from here.


Day 1: Santorini – Ios

Welcome to Greece! Meet your skipper and shipmates at Cafe Spartakos at 1pm at Athinios Port, Santorini and take a ferry to Ios where you will board your yacht. If you’ve got time, why not consider arriving a couple of days early to enjoy Santorini. Check out the range of restaurants, shops and bars in the island's capital, Thira. An absolute, must is to take a walk along the caldera's rim to Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia. This is a particularly memorable experience at sunset, but make sure you leave plenty of time, so you aren't walking in darkness. Santorini's volcanic beaches are another must-see.

After your welcome meeting, unpack and get settled into your new home away from home a real sailing yacht. You will have some free time today to enjoy everything that Ios as to offer, including the beautiful nearby sandy beaches or check out Hora's shops, restaurants and bars – it’s all accessible within a short walk from the harbour in Ios – which all come alive in the evenings.

Day 2: Amorgos

Sail to the rugged island of Amorgos (approximately 4 hours). This is the stunning location of Luc Bresson's film, 'The Big Blue'. Stop for a swim at Paradisi Beach before continuing along the coast to the port of Katapola. The restaurants, cafes and bars along the waterfront are an excellent place to relax and enjoy views of classic Cycladic windmills and an old Venetian castle. You might like to explore the ancient Minoan Settlement or drive up to the spectacular 11th-century monastery, Moni Hozoviotissis, for beautiful views of the Aegean Sea. Also worth a visit is the village of Hora, sitting high up in the rocky mountainside. Stroll through the labyrinth of stone laneways and Byzantine churches surrounding the town square. The Amorgos Archaeological Collection is housed nearby in Gavros Tower.

Day 3: Small Cyclades

Cast off and sail to the Small Cyclades this morning (approximately 4 hours). This group of islands boast quaint fishing villages, clear waters and beautiful beaches. While all of these islands once harboured communities in ancient times, the middle ages saw this reduced to just pirates and goats. Today, only Koufonisia, Iraklia, Schinoussa and Donousa have permanent residents, with the largest population said to be around 300. In the evening, perhaps sample fresh seafood in a waterfront taverna and sit back to enjoy the peace of the Mediterranean.

Day 4: Naxos

Today you'll make your way to the largest Cycladic island of Naxos. There’s the option of taking a day trip around the island, but you can always stay behind and relax. The island’s best beaches are to the south, where water sports are also on offer. Perhaps hike up to the old Roman Catholic neighbourhood of Kastro, where winding laneways, mansions and churches all retain a medieval feel. While here, stop by the Roman Catholic Cathedral in the square, and the nearby Archaeological Museum which is housed in the former Jesuit School of Commerce. Take an optional trip to the countryside to observe rural life, see one of the oldest temples in Greece and enjoy lunch in the hills at a family tavern. Get a taste of the local brew with a shot of Kitron (best described as a lemon liquor). In the evenings, indulge in the vibrant nightlife of Hora.

Day 5-6: Syros

Sail to the island of Syros (approximately 4 hours), dropping by the Bay of Gaidharos along the way for a swim. Known for its relaxed atmosphere and neo-classical architecture, Syros’ neutral role during the Greek revolution made it a safe haven for the persecuted. Perhaps catch a bus up the hill to the fortress-like village of Ano Syros and explore the town’s stone archways and narrow alleyways (the views of the Aegean are stunning from up here). Sample authentic Greek food and culture in the capital of Syros and the Cyclades, Ermoupoli, and check out the magnificent town hall in the main square.

Day 7: Mykonos

In the morning, raise anchor and set off on a short cruise (approximately 3 hours) to an island packed with beauty and glamour, Mykonos. With a history of around 5000 years, the island is said to be named after Apollo's grandson. It was also the mythological base for a deadly battle between Zeus and the Titans, their giant petrified bodies forming the rocks of the island. Browse the chic galleries and boutiques in town, examine the unique architecture of the Church of Panagia Paraportiani or relax on one of the island’s white beaches. In the evening, perhaps wander down to Little Venice, where colourful wooden balconies hang precariously over the sea – the ideal spot to sit back with a cocktail and enjoy an Aegean sunset. Afterwards, join in the fun of Mykonos’ notorious nightlife.

Day 8: Sifnos

Set sail for the island of Sifnos, known for its production of high quality ceramics. The island's bare hills belie fertile valleys of wild juniper, terraced olive groves and almond trees. The beach in the main port of Kamares is one of the best on the island and the ideal place to swim. Wander among the whitewashed houses, churches and chapels of the village of Apollonia, which is the capital of Sifnos. The Museum of Popular Art displays old photographs, textiles, costumes and pots. Climb up the headland to enjoy panoramic ocean views and see the medieval architecture of the fortress of Kastro.

Day 9: Folegandros

Sail towards the tranquil island of Folegandros this morning. Named after the son of a former King of Crete, Folegandros has suffered a long history of colonisation and occupation like many of the surrounding islands. In the port of Karavostasis, the pebbly beach or a waterfront taverna are nice places to relax. Take a stroll through the island’s capital of Hora, one of the oldest villages in the Cyclades. The area in and around the Kastro is the most striking. In the evening wander up the hill to the pretty Church of the Panagia, an excellent vantage point to view the sunset.

Day 10: Santorini

Bid farewell to the open water as you catch the ferry back from Ios to Santorini arriving back at Athinios port just before 12pm midday. With no other activities planned for today, your adventure ends on arrival in Santorini. Your skipper can assist with organising a taxi to drop you off at your hotel or Santorini International Airport.