Land of the Rising Sun

If you're thinking of travelling to Japan, make sure you allow plenty of time to explore everything this unique country has to offer. There's something here for every kind of traveller, whether you're into ancient history, futuristic technology, beautiful countryside or bustling cities, and so many weird and wacky things in between. 

Japan is much more than Tokyo, though this city provides a fascinating glimpse into contemporary Japanese culture. Make sure you hop on the bullet train and get explore some of the other cities and smaller towns and villages around the country, too. Ancient traditions, from tea ceremonies, geisha and traditional Japanese inns abound, and visiting this country is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in something totally different. You can visit in all seasons, too. In winter there's amazing skiing and onsen to soak your limbs in. If you want to catch cherry blossom season you're best visiting in March-April when the flowers are in full bloom. 

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Things you should know about Japan

Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, so it's a pretty safe destination to visit!

The shinkansen (bullet train) travels at speeds of up to 320km/h, and is a safe, comfortable & cost-effective way of getting around the country. 

Slurping noodles might be considered rude to some, but in Japan it's the opposite. So slurp away!

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

Extra time in Japan? A day trip to Miyajima Island is a must-do! There’s plenty to explore on the island, including the infamous Grand Tori Gate, rewarding views at the top of Mount Misen or shopping around the markets. But make sure to keep your bags closed as the friendly deer will try nabbing your lunch!
Kelsey Mackay
World Travellers New Plymouth
Asuke is a village 30-40mins out of Toyota that transports you back to Japan from 200-300 years ago. It’s the cutest town with cobbled streets, a little river and a gorgeous bridge.
Nicole Knapp
World Travellers Christchurch City

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