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Fairytale palaces, magical rivers and mulled wine

From fairy tale landscapes scattered with medieval castles to rolling vineyards and sombre WWII landmarks, Germany is the Europe of postcards and history books.

Germany is full of exciting culture that is just waiting to be discovered.

Whether you prefer a mulled wine or a beer stein, classical music or modern, designer shopping or remote wilderness, in Germany the history, culture and nature all blend to create an inspiring, free-spirited destination.

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Things you should know about Germany

German monasteries have been producing beer for mass consumption since around the end of the first millennium, the year 1000. The beer-producing monasteries were predominantly located in Southern Germany, and some of them are still around today, such as Kloster Andechs, St. Gallen, Weihenstephan, or Weltenburg.

How many castles are there in Germany? Whilst the exact number is not known, experts have estimated that there are over 20,000 castles. 

Some of Germany's iconic foods include currywurst, sausages, pretzels, schnitzel and black forest gateau. Culinary delights can be experienced at classy restaurants as well as street food vendors.

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

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The Deutsche Bahn, features the super-fast InterCity Express (ICE) trains. With departures every hour or so they link up the main cities efficiently.
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Pilsner, or pils, is a light, golden beer which is very popular in Germany. Oktoberfest beers are generally lagers rather than ales.
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