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Eclectic cities, turquoise beaches, cathedrals and castles


Situated on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal's ancient history and modern charms combine to make this one of Europe's most stunning destinations. From the volcanic islands of the Azores and the sun-drenched Algarve to the eclectic cities of Lisbon and Porto and rustic white-washed villages and traditional fishing towns, every corner turned reveals new surprises.

Meander quiet plazas, explore bustling food markets, tread lightly through ancient monasteries and exquisite churches. Indulge in authentic seafood dishes and traditional port wine.

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Things you should know about Portugal

Port wine is grown in the Douro Valley and is the only place in the world that can legally produce what is known as "port wine".  More than 80 varieties of grape are grown in this region.

Lisbon is a very walkable city famous for its colonialist history and ornate architecture. One of the most notable landmarks is Jeronimos Monastery, the final resting place for explorer Vasco da Gama.

Pack your walking shoes to make the most of your days in Lisbon.

The Sao Roque Church is the world's most expensive chapel and was one of the few buildings in Lisbon to survive the earthquake relatively unscathed. When built in the 16th century it was the first Jesuit church designed in the “auditorium-church” style specifically for preaching. It contains a number of chapels, most in the Baroque style of the early 17th century. 

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

The Peneda-Geres National Park is in northern Portugal near the Spanish border and definitely worth some time for those who enjoy the outdoors. Wildlife includes wolves, deer and golden eagles and there are trails with ancient Roman roads studded with mile stones. Locally known as just "Geres" it was established in 1971 and is Portugal's only national park, although there are many scenic parks throughout the country.
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Lisbon is very walkable but remember it's hilly so can be a good work out! Using trams, buses and the metro can help you get around and catch your breath!
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If you're after a stunning beach to laze on then you'll find plenty of choices at The Algarve. This area is most well known for beaches and golf resorts. It's a tourist hotspot with plenty of villas, hotels, bars and restaurants to choose from. If you prefer a quieter vibe then the region's western coast is less developed.
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