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Famous for food, flamenco and football.

Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain has an impressive history that has reverberated its influence around the world.  
Renowned for its arts and literature, glistening Mediterranean beaches, its wines and fruit, Spain's modern day economy is centred around tourism.  

Valencia was home to the 2007 Americas Cup Challenge and is famed for its sweet and juicy oranges.

The sea port of Barcelona displays its arts, culture and Roman archaeological sites.

Ah, and Madrid.  The capital city of Spain located on the river Manzanares, and home to arguably the world's most famous football club, Real Madrid.

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Things you should know about Spain

Paella is a delicious, favourite dish especially associated with Valencia.  It consists of saffron-flavoured rice with meats, seafood and vegetables and is especially popular with gatherings of friends and family.

Cava is the champagne of Spain, and it comes in the form of a light, bubbly wine available in both white and rosé. 

Spain has 16 national parks, the most popular being the Tiede National Park located in the Canary Islands.

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

Although the traditional siesta is no longer widely practiced, a 20-30 minute nap after lunch, during the hottest time of day, is very refreshing.
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Try them hot, cold, individually or combined into a meal, the tapas culture is alive and well.
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The amazing Spanish climate attracts hoards of tourists who flock to the beaches. For us kiwis it can be a bit overwhelming so take the time to seek out the lesser known spots to avoid the crowds.
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