Larry Lumsden - Co Owner & Director

Larry Lumsden - Co Owner & Director

Co-Owner and Director

There is nothing more precious in the world than good health, a happy family and the opportunity to travel and explore the amazing countries and meet the incredible people who make up this planet.  These have been my aspirations for as long as I can remember and the really great thing about each of them is that they are interdependent and ongoing.

In 2010 some like-minded travel agency owners got together and formed a new cooperative group called World Travellers.  I'm very proud to be one of those founding members.  The group now has stores spread throughout the country including ours in Christchurch and Wanaka.  Our mobile travel specialists have collectively explored just about every weird and wonderful nook and cranny on the planet. They're nuts about travel, it's in their DNA and they are bursting to share their knowledge with you.

Proud of them?  Yep!


Places I've Been

Australia  Fiji  Cook Islands  Singapore  Hong Kong  Japan  Taiwan  China  Argentina  Hawaii  USA  UK  Germany  Netherlands  Denmark  Norway