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A food lovers dream in Vietnam

10 February 2017


Vietnam is a food lover’s dream – beautiful fresh flavours and plenty of it! To kick off my Vietnam experience we took the opportunity to do the Saigon Vespa Tour and what an experience it was! Whizzing through the streets amongst hundreds of other scooters with the noise and smells blasting the senses, it was a great way to truly feel a part of this fabulous city. The tour takes in fives stops to enjoy local delicacies including the famous fresh summer rolls, seafood and of course the incredibly tasty Vietnamese coffee. This is a must do and suitable for any travellers of any age stopping in Saigon.

Heading further north to Hoi An, one of Vietnams most iconic spots famous for its French influence this is also a foodies dream with gorgeous cafes and restaurants which are incredibly cheap to eat at! The centre of the old town is closed off to traffic which allows pedestrians and cyclists to meander at their own pace. At night the streets come alive with colourfully lit lanterns, music and incredible smells from the many restaurants offering delicacies such as crispy roast pork, crispy pancakes and beef pho (a tasty beef broth with noodles and fresh herbs – yum!)

For anyone travelling to Vietnam, it is a country which is easy to travel through and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet – it was so refreshing to travel in this part of the world and not feel harassed…… I would return in a heartbeat!

Story by: Davina Bicker (Sales Executive, World Journeys)

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