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Racing along “the Sud Est” Coast in our 1100cc monster Renault Clio, through the red distressed rock, exploring New Caledonia’s South. We cross many fords thankful the torrential rain has held off, our car would be washed away in the crossing.We get down to first gear on the 15 degree and 22 degree climbs and descents.The views are magnificent. A cruise ship way out at sea. A lighthouse. Not much in between but the red distressed rock famous for its Nickel-the reason New Caledonia is French. By chance we find an Eco Friendly Resort “Kunua” right on lunchtime and sit down to the very best caesar salad and raw fish salad at the very highest prices. What to do in New Caledonia? Escape! We do not do a lot. Sit on the beach. Walk to the cafe for coffee. Swim. Explore the supermarche and relish the Pain au Chocolate and les baguettes. Practise my awful school girl French. Dine out. Dine in. Savoir the wine. Cest bonne!

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