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Anaheim, USA - Part 2

16 April 2011


The highlight at Sea World was the dolphin show along with their killer whale show “Believe” with Shamu. With music booming and stunning displays from these massive creatures, it is captivating.  We took in plenty of thrilling water rides and coasters at Seaworld and made the most of it – a great day out.  Universal Studios in LA was one of the highlights of our trip. Approximately a one hour drive from Anaheim,  we were taken into downtown LA first and from the bus were shown various streets and scenes where famous movies were made, one being Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, easily recognisable if you’ve seen the movie. We took heed of the tour guides advice on the bus before we entered Universal Studios and were thankful we did.  His advice being that as soon as we were inside the gates not to hang around the entrance wondering what to do first or where to go – head straight to the Jurassic Park ride at the far end of the Studios, this would take 10 minutes (it did), and he assured us we would be on that ride within two minutes (we were – hence no queuing being early in the day), and then head to the Revenge of the Mummy ride after that – basically by following his instructions the day went like clockwork;   Jurassic Park was fabulous and we would have gone back for another, but once again ….. so much to do, so little time!  The Universal tour here was amazing.  Seated in carriages, you are taken on a 45 minute guided tour around various film sets. To see the sets of the likes of “Back to the Future”, “Jaws” (yes “Jaws” jumped out at us!) and the current Desperate Housewives set in Wisteria Lane was truly fascinating, to name a few.  Like all the theme parks, there are always characters at just about every corner you turn and it is a laugh a minute.…… on this day at Universal we had fun meeting up with Shrek!   That night, we headed into downtown Hollywood which proved to be a real eye-opener.  There happened to be a premiere going on for the movie “Prom” so there was glitz and glammer and paparazzi everywhere.  Our teenage daughters recognised a character they knew and got all excited with the camera.  We only had an hour here, enough to take in what it was like to be strolling down the streets of Hollywood at 8pm at night with masses of people and actually not feeling that safe!  This day tour is a very long day, arriving back at the motel at 10.15pm, but a day to remember and one I would fully recommend.  We had been in Anaheim a full week and the three girls of the family declared it was time for a bit of shopping!  We hired a taxi and headed 15 minutes drive to a mall in Santa Ana called Westfield Mainplace.  I reckon the taxi driver must have recognised these girls needed a really big shopping mall – we stepped inside the first door we saw and were instantly overwhelmed …… it was a feeling of “where do we start”, the shops were all so huge! And then we were like kids in a candy store.  We soon discovered Macy’s is the place to shop; a huge department store that is big in America and where you will find bargains galore.  I realised after two hours I hadn’t even got to quarter of the way around Macy’s, let alone seen any other shop!  You would need an entire day just to get around Macy’s. We found a lot of clothing very cheap.  I did go back later in the week with husband in tow... just to show him of course!  I declared to him I would come back to Anaheim just for Macy’s... he declared that would be a good reason not to come back! ....continued on in Part 3

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