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Anaheim, USA - Part 3

16 April 2011


We also found another very good mall with a heap of outlet stores not far from our motel; gym shoes, walking and running shoes etc are extremely good value in the States.   In the second week we ventured out to Knott’s Berry Farm. We discovered this park was pretty much all about the thrill-seeking rollercoaster rides. If you are an adrenalin junkie and up for hair-raising rides, Knott’s Berry Farm is for you. To me they defied belief. Eugene and the kids were all for it. Not being a rollercoaster fan, I was definitely the bag carrier and photographer that day! I will add though that there were definitely some pasty faces and even a declaration that these rides were once-in-a-lifetime experiences!   Our entire holiday we did not hire a rental car. We did a lot of walking and for us this was not an issue. A shuttle bus to Disneyland stopped outside our motel every 20 minutes, so the option is there, but this cost $4.00 per person each day and as a family of five, if we did this every day the cost would have soon added up; we used this service for the kids on two occasions so they could easily come and go, but Disneyland was only a 25 minute walk and it was very safe for any of us to do this, whatever the time of day or night.   As parents we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take our kids while they are teenagers. We spent most of our time doing things together, but there was also the opportunity for the kids to go off and enjoy their own thing without us, and vice versa, and so we didn’t have that feeling they had to be looked after. This was indeed a fantastic family holiday in a fun-filled place. There is so much more I could tell you …… Call into McIntosh Travel and let our friendly team advise you on the best deals to get you there!  

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