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Bangkok, Thailand - A Favourite Stopover City

01 December 2011


Bangkok, Thailand – A Favourite Stopover City

Bangkok, Thailand is a great destination that is packed with things to see and do on your stopover enroute to Europe. It is always an idea to join some of the day-trips around the Bangkok attractions, though you never find you have as much time as you'd like......

      At Suvarnabhumi Airport you are met with a large array of tour guides, limo drivers and hotel reps. When taking a stopover, try to go for a hotel near the BTS or MRT - it will save you a lot of time on your stopover. For budget travellers, head straight for the basement floor, where cheap buses take you to the central district just about as quickly as the taxis. The skytrain (BTS) provides a great way to get around many of the major shopping and entertainment areas around central Bangkok. Much quicker than the traffic, and a max fare of 40baht, it's simple and the easiest way to get around. Trains run every three to six minutes from 6.00am-12.00 midnight daily.   

No visitor to Bangkok should miss a visit to the Grand Palace and temples

Bangkok is a shoppers paradise for those on a stopover. The BTS covers most of the main malls and even the outdoor market at Catuchak, where all manner of bargains can be found. In Siam Paragon you can buy everything from a Gucci handbag to a Ferrari. No visitor to Bangkok should miss spending time at the Grand Palace and temples. You should allow at least half a day to wander around the palace, but the best idea is to use a local guide. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is sure to remain in your memory for years to come. It was built in 1782 and was home to the Thai King for over 150 years. There are several impressive buildings inside the palace, and after your visit you will understand why it is still the spiritual heart of the Thai kingdom.  The Ancient City is located a short distance from the international airport and gives you the opportunity of seeing everything that encapsulates Thai wisdom. You will witness the complex art and craftsmanship which harmoniously represents everything of the history, art, customs and culture of Thailand. Some visitors have commented that a visit to the Ancient City is like  spending a whole day touring all of Thailand. You willl come away with a complete understanding of the Thai lifestyle and catch a glimpse of the harmonious cultural infrastructure. Of course, no short visit to Bangkok can give you the complete picture of this complex, yet wonderful, society. By squeezing in a few of the items mentioned here into a two or three day visit, you will have achieved what many tourists can take weeks to do. Do yourself a favour and plan, book and confirm arrangements in advance, with this breathing room you will feel more confident about how your holiday will unfold and be assured that you have seen to the crucial aspects. All too often people end up desperately trying to make bookings and secure reservations just before they are due to depart. If you are someone who thrives on adrenaline and loves the thrill of the last minute, then this may be okay. For the rest of us, frantically trying to make arrangements shortly before we are due to travel induces stress, panic and the fear that everything that is needed will not be organised in time. It really pays to plan your stopover in advance so you can truly enjoy your short stay. Call in and talk to the friendly team at McIntosh Travel, let us tell you more about this great destination, and let us find the right deal for you... Like you, we're World Travellers.

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