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30 November 2011


By Janine Costa

World Travellers


One of the most life changing experiences in travel for me was my trip to Brazil – Brasil, with my family in June 2009. I would recommend this beautiful destination to anyone – put it on your bucket list!

The people of Brazil are amazing, friendly, genuine and true to their beautiful surroundings. They are so laid back and enjoy life to the full, nothing is taken for granted, and the simple things in life are appreciated, which opened my eyes and humbled me.

We arrived firstly into the largest city in the southern hemisphere, Sao Paulo, which is among the five largest metropolitan areas on the planet. There was so much to see and do for couples and families. Ibirapuera Park is famous for being the major urban park of Sao Paulo city. People usually visit this park in the early mornings or late afternoons as it has a huge area for leisure, jogging and walking. The park also hosts a convention centre where free concerts are arranged by the city hall on weekends. There are also three museums of the city situated in the park and a gorgeous Japanese garden, which was particularly worth visiting.

After Sao Paulo we set off to Rio de Janeiro, a five-hour drive away (or one hour flight). Again it had so much to offer, including the majestic statue of Christ the Redeemer, atop Corcovado Mountain, named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Sugar Loaf Mountain, rises 396 metres (1,299 ft) above the harbour, its name is said to refer to its resemblance to the traditional shape of concentrated refined loaf sugar. There is the annual Carnival experience (producing the party of a lifetime), and the gorgeous beaches, which are world renown. The beauty in Brazil was all around us, through the people we met and who welcomed us into their homes as if we were long lost relatives.

Local school children in Baguari decorating the town in preparation for a soccer game between Brazil & Chile

Brazil’s future looks great, with many reasons to travel there. The 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games are just two of the reasons to add this country to your bucket list. I still feel very privileged to have visited Brazil and given the opportunity to spend time with the locals in their home towns.


There are many great deals out there to tempt you, like 5 days/4 nights Rio Carnival packages from $1775.00 per person, and if that isn’t long enough (which it won’t be) try the Brazil Nut 11 day tour which includes a three day cruise on the Amazon River priced from $5475.00 per person. With daily flights from $1800.00 per person, on Aerolineas Argentinas or Lan Chile, Brazil is that must see destination. For more information on this wonderful destination contact Janine Costa at World Travellers Opotiki, phone 07 315 8893, or call McIntosh Travel World Travellers Whakatane.


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