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People often say to me that Canada’s Rocky Mountains are a lot like the Spine of the Southern Alps that runs through New Zealand’s South Island - they hold a majestic beauty all of their own.

After my recent trip through the Rockies, I'd say they're so much more, and as one of the World’s Great Train Journeys, the Rocky Mountaineer Train should not be missed!!

The sheer magnitude of the mountains cannot be put into words – you have to see it yourself to believe it! And the best way to do that would be in the luxurious comfort of a Gold Leaf Carriage on the Rocky Mountaineer Train. With large viewing windows covering most of the upper deck, you won't miss a single bear sighting or “Kodak moment” that this glorious mountain offers in bucket loads.

The lower section of your carriage becomes your dining car & an opportunity to taste some of Canada’s finest Cuisine - all prepared on-board! Do try the Salmon... from personal experience you won’t be disappointed.

After an overnight in Kamloops, board the train again & follow the railway through Fraser Valley, Coast Mountains to Vancouver.

I'd heartily suggest a 3-4 night stopover in Vancouver to take a look around this popular city. Cycle Stanley Park, or for those that haven’t seen enough of the mountains, opt for a trip to Whistler or Grouse Mountain, and then finish off with Capilano Suspension Bridge.

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