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Celebrity Cruises - Inside Passage Cruise

01 April 2014


Celebrity Cruises – Inside passage 7 nights Vancouver to Hubbard Glacier return to Vancouver onboard Celebrity Century

I went on this cruise with my sister Frances,  at the end of May, I meet her in Vancouver as I was living in Canada at the time.

We arrived at the Terminal at approx 11am, it took a couple of hours to get though all the formalities and were allowed to board.  We got to our cabin and our luggage was there waiting for us.  We had an Inside Stateroom, there was plenty of room and storage for the both of us, with ensuite. We found we did not spend alot of time in our room at all.

The Spa, Gym and other facilities were open for passengers to have a tour, we had a good look around and got our bearings before we sailed about 4.30pm. There was alot of pressure to make an appointment at the Spa, so we tended to avoid this area!!

With our package we had a choice of two dining areas to choose from for our meals, a smorgasbord or a served dining room for dinner. We chose mostly to eat at the smorgasbord, as there were big windows in the dining area or seating outside, all food, especially the smorgasbord was delicious. You could get something to eat from here at all times of the day.  All meals, tea coffee and non alcoholic drinks were included in our package. Otherwise everything else was charged on your ‘onboard credit card’ which was linked to your personal credit card. We received an account everyday so you can keep an eye on how much you have spent!! We were able to dine at the other restaurants on board, have a latte’ or cappuccino,  but needed to pay to do this.

Gratuities were included automatically. No cash was used on the ship, except the casino.

There was always something to do, or look at. On board there was a library, movie theatre, shows (some we found disappointing), casino, heated swimming pool, spa pools. There was a lecturer from a Canadian University who would give lecturers about what we should be expecting to see every day and the time of day, animal wise, and information about their habits etc, this was very interested.

We had amazing weather, but we still needed our down jackets, hats and gloves. There were always plenty of blankets to wrap around yourself as well.  We were particularly lucky that we were able to get in close to Hubbard Glacier, and we actually saw it ‘calving’, and going so early in the cruise season everything was pristine. We saw seals with pups, porpoises, whales, lots of bald eagles. Hot Chocolate and Baileys was served to us while we were on deck to see the Glacier.

We did not go on any of the organised tours on offer, instead chose to make our own way around. When we reached Hoonah, Icey Straight Point, we were taken ashore in tenders, the ship was anchored only a few hundred metres from shore and there were whales swimming between the ship and the shore.

Juneau, capital of Alaska, was my favourite town that we visited, very picturesque, situated in the between the water and the mountains. In Juneau we took the Mount Roberts Tramway up to a fantastic vantage point at an elevation of 541 metres, to see Juneau and the Inside Passage. There are Bear viewing platforms, no bears when we visited, a Bald Eagle which was found with a damaged win, and fantastic gift shop.  We also found two amazing wool shops in Juneau!! Our ship was able to moor right at the town in Juneau and Ketchikan.

Ketchikan was also a beautiful town. Both Juneau and Ketchikan have a strong Native and Russian influence. Alot of history, and beauty, we enjoyed this cruise, there was a good mixture of ages, from families with young children to retirees, and nationalities on board. The crew were always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. 

You can be as busy or relaxed as you chose to be. Remember even though you depart from Vancouver you need American dollars and visa.

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