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China - Part 2

18 October 2010


We also went to visit Mr Lee, the Cricket trainer.... it was hilarious and he really liked to put on a show explaining the process of how he trains crickets for fighting, and how much money they are worth! I found this quite fascinating, although when he brought out his giant grasshoppers, I was a little freaked out!  They were huge, and at $10,000USD a pop, you certainly don't want to "accidentally" squash one!

The next day would have to be the highlight of my trip and a place that I had always wanted to visit……The Terracotta Warriors, these structures are totally mind blowing. Built in 221BC by Emperor Qin Shi Huang to protect him in the afterlife, each of the 7,000 warriors were made based on a soldier at the time, then buried for thousands of years before being discovered in 1974 by a local farmer digging for a well. Housed now in a covered building to protect them, it still amazes me how they managed to remain semi-intact after so long. Still today, they are finding more and more of them and other hidden treasures buried by the brutal and somewhat “eccentric” Emperor. These warriors are definitely a “must-see” when you travel to China. Over in another building on this site we participated in a quaint little tea ceremony. I must say, Im not so much of a herbal tea fan, I prefer my Dilmah to be honest, but some of the teas that we sampled were delicious and extremely refreshing ..... another must do ticked off my visit China list.

On a plane again, this time headed for Shanghai, once known as the Pearl of the Orient and is now today one of Asia’s most influential cities. During the time we were there the World Expo was on, so even though it was already a busy city with 22 million people living there, it had swelled in size with visitors to see these exhibitions. Traffic was colossal and it took a long, long time to get anywhere. We took a cruise down the Huangpu River in the evening to see all the lights of the city. This was awesome, as even though Shanghai is usually well lit up, due to the expo they were spending $500,000USD a night, lighting up the city for the 10 days. It was really beautiful and well worth doing. 

If you  are interested in travelling here, McIntosh Travel can give you a few pointers; firstly, if possible use a good tour company, very little English is spoken and trying to organise things yourself is near impossible, enjoy this country by sitting back and letting the local guides orgnanise the difficult things for you.  We could tell you much more ..... call into McIntosh Travel and get our expert advice so you can be assured of a great trip ..... because like you we too are World Travellers.

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