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Choosing the right cruise for you

08 May 2014


Do you keep hearing about how awesome cruising is but not entirely convinced that it's for you? We're here to let you know that there really is a cruise for everyone - it's just a case of making sure that you choose the right one for you.

Why not come in and have a chat with us about the types of cruises available... but before you do, have a look at our tips below that will go a long way in narrowing down the best cruise experience for you:

  • Decide on the destination first. Are you after sun, sand and beach? Or are you more of the 'off the beaten track' type person? A boat trip to Alaska is hardly going to be much fun if you've been pining for a sunshine escape.
  • What sort of atmosphere are you after? Are you travelling with all your kids and their kids? Or is it a romantic honeymoon where children of any sort would be a bit of a dampener?
  • What size appeals to you? Is it one of the huge mega liners that dwarfs every dock they pull into? Or would you prefer a smaller ship that can really get off the tourist path and squeeze into the teeniest of harbours?
  • How important is food and wine? If you're a connoisseur that can tell the difference between reds just from the bouquet, mass cafeteria style eating will probably not be to your taste.
  • And then its time to decide on a budget. Remember things like flights and visas when working this out.
  • Once you're clear on your expectations, its time to seek expert advice and come and see us.... we'll have you booked onto the right cruise in no time.

To get you planning, we've got a whole bunch of cruise travel stories right here to inspire you. Maybe it's a Caribbean escape you're dreaming of. Or perhaps you'd prefer a European River Cruise. Maybe it's something a little closer to home but just as wonderful. It's all right here for you to enjoy from your couch while you plan your next escape.

And don't forget to let us know where you'd cruise to next, or even more exciting, where you're off to soon.

Until next travels!


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