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Wow, what a trip!

I flew Singapore Airlines via Singapore, to & from Barcelona, Spain. The in-flight service/entertainment on Singapore Airlines was excellent. The crew were very friendly & helpful. Aside from the scheduled meals served, the crew would regularly come through the cabin offering juice & water to the passengers. Snack food was also readily available. Our flight schedule meant stops of several hours in Singapore, in both directions. For these stops, we had rooms booked at the Transit Hotel. The Transit Hotel is located inside the airport terminal so it is accessible to passengers in transit, as we were. The rooms are clean & comfortable, allowing you to rest and shower before your onward flight. They can be booked in blocks of 6 hours. I would definitely recommend booking a room when flying through to UK/Europe with a lengthy layover in Singapore.

Immediately after clearing arrival formalities at Madrid airport, we were met by our Trafalgar Tour director, Javier Galvez. Arriving in a foreign country after a long flight, it was great to be met and welcomed by a friendly face & taken to our waiting air conditioned coach.

The tour I did was based on an “At Leisure” itinerary. The At Leisure itineraries spend at least two or three nights in each destination allowing time to discover & enjoy each fabulous city or region. I spent two nights in each of Madrid, Seville and the seaside resort Sitges, which is a approx ½ hour from Barcelona. City tours with local guides were included, so we got to see and/or visit the main tourist attractions of each city.

Having now done a Trafalgar Tour myself, I truly believe that this is the most informative, time efficient and least stressful way to explore countries. The Tour Directors extensive knowledge of the country was invaluable. He knew the best places to shop, eat and exchange or withdraw currency. Not only did he tell us the history, facts and figures about the regions, he also made a point of getting to know everyone personally. By the end of the tour, he was considered a true friend. The skill of the driver was amazing. He would often manoeuvre the coach through narrow roads or around seemingly impossible corners. Another huge advantage of being on a coach tour is avoiding queues. Usually the coach will drop you right at the entrance of the attraction. The Tour Director will escort you past the queue to the “group entrance”, saving heaps of valuable time.

Having recommended and booked many clients on Trafalgar Tours over the years, it was great to experience a Trafalgar Tour first hand. While I had a pretty good idea of what Trafalgar Tours was all about, I came away from the tour extremely positive and impressed with what the product offered and delivered!

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