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Eurostar travel from Paris to London


We bid our driver Giovani farewell at the Paris Nord train station and he will drive the bus all the way back to Rome by himself. Hanni comes along with us to London where she then leaves us in the capable hands of one of the Globus London offices at the Hilton Metropole and the London guides for the last 2 nights.


This was a very fast trip and is amazing the distance you cover in 2 hours and 10 minutes, as you are travelling at approx 300 km/hr. Globus is currently the only tour company which takes the Eurostar – all others take a coach and then the ferry across the English channel (which is a total journey time of at least 6 hours). Because you are travelling at such high speeds its almost like when your flying and your ears pop, so for some people sensitive to this may like to have sweets or something to suck on, although there are a lot of tunnels you pass through.

We were in the 1st coach - right at the front of the train and there was a bar buffet in the 7th coach so had to walk through a few coaches to get there, but the doors etc open really easily. They offered a small selection of snacks and sandwiches etc as well as hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

I was very impressed with the public transport system in general, including the Eurostar as the British and Europeans seem to have a fast efficient system in most major cities.

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