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I am back from Niue! 4 nights, 5 days. Not long enough BUT we packed a lot in.

And if you can escape for 4 days, get some sun, have some fun, forget work then four days is a long time and good enough.

I thought I would not tell you about it-I would rather you found out for yourselves!

BUT I have some tips:

Main tip which I have been told BUT had forgotten: Do not stand,sleep,park your car under a coconut palm. I missed being hit on the head by a falling coconut by about 10 cms-THUD! Wow..may have knocked some much needed sense BUT I do fear the damage caused.

Take cash. No ATM’s. Cash is meant to be available in shops that have eftpos, but the eftpos was not working every time I asked!

Take reef shoes. Great for the rugged coastline, and the exploring.

Get a rental car. Absolutely essential and was the best fun. Little cars, buzzing around the island giving the Niue wave.

Sunday, Niue is CLOSED. Saturday half closed. Shop hours are random at best.

Get any supplies before Sunday. Plan to explore Sunday and go to church (take modest clothes and a hat).

I said I would live in my one pair of shorts. I actually lived in my togs! So packing Is simple.

There is a departure tax to pay of 23.00.

It is VERY friendly. We met:

Graham and Janet from Hanmer, Jill from Coffs Harbour and her long time past surfing buddy Kathryn from Auckland, Stewart and Anne Marie from Wellington, David and Christine from Yorkshire but now Stoke, Nelson, (It was their 19th wedding anniversary),Shannon and Crystal from Niue Dive (Aussies), Hima Douglas from Teamoana Tours Keith from Commodore Tours, Sarah the GM of the Matavai, Dennis and Barb (Their daughter is Sarah Porter who Runs Swanson Supermarket and her husband is Hayden Porter of Niue Tourism), Marie from the front desk of the Matavai. Angie from Matavai Motels, Anna who has moved to Niue from Wellsford (is a teacher) with her family, Avi from Kai Aki Restaurant Carey from Pukekohe, Sharon and Marilyn from Hamilton,

Just to name a few..

Thats it. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you want. The locals are lovely.

The life is great. We met everyone. I have a whole lot of new friends.

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