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Flying to UK/Europe? Consider flying Emirates & stop in Dubai

The excitement starts the moment that you fly into Dubai and all you can see is sand, sand and more sand - all bordered by the most amazing blue ocean teaming with boats and activity. Closer to the city, thousands of white houses carefully dotted around and again, the ever present sand!

My hotel's located on what they call the Dubai Creek. It looked more like a large river to me, one that travels through the middle of the old part of Dubai.

We checked in and immediately set out to explore the city....

We set off on foot and just kept going from one market to the next, from one fascinating street to the next, from one amazing building to the next. It all felt very safe and we just wanted to keep going!

When it comes to food, there's anything you want as Dubai is made up of every possible nationality and it's very cheap to eat... but no so cheap to drink!

We did a half day sightseeing tour the next morning, which was worth every dollar. I'd never thought about it before, but it's incredible to think that Dubai has only been around for 35 years and in that time, there's already some amazing history.

If you're thinking about Dubai for your next stop-over, do come in and chat to Maree - she'd be more than happy to share her experiences with you.

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