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At the end of our 10 day Balinese holiday, we traveled by fast boat (1.5hrs) to Gili Trawangan for an extra three days of R&R.

Gili Traganwan is the largest of the three Islands off the northwest coast of Lombok and is known as the “party” island. There's also Gili Air, the smallest and more of a family destination, plus Gili Meno that's known as a honeymooner’s paradise.

With three really diverse options for this destination, it’s important to choose the island that’s right for you.

We stayed on the eastern side of Gili Traganwan, which is the main hub with bars, restaurants and the wharf. It's also the side that's best for swimming & snorkelling with gorgeous white sand and turquoise water. The far side of the island is where the larger resorts are located and as it only takes an hour to bike around the whole island, wherever you choose to stay is pretty close to everything.

After the hustle and bustle of Bali with its cars, motorbikes and incessant tooting, the peace of the island was lovely. No motorised vehicles are allowed on the island and the only form of transport other than walking or biking is horse and cart. Part of the quaintness of the place are the horse bells that tinkle to let walkers know that a horse and cart are coming.

A definite highlight of our trip - and cheap as chips - was a five hour snorkelling trip to see turtles in their natural environment. It was very cool. There were three stops to snorkel and a stop on Gili Air for lunch, plus gear was provided and we travelled on a glass bottom boat.

We did find the food very average on the island (I think I might have been given cat burger in one place - which I didn't eat!!) but all part of the experience. Party boats cater for 18-30’s and again, all nice and cheap. Thursdays are party free night but every other night of the week is humming so it's fun, fun , fun for most of the week!

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