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There’s something new out there in travel & that is Women Only Tours!

So come on gals – what about YOUR travel in 2014?

Travel to exotic destinations with other like minded ladies! Travel with your friends, family, sisters, mothers, daughters... Celebrate those special occasions in style!

Visit those exotic destinations you’ve dreamed about. Your transport is all arranged with a local female guide who will ensure you learn all about where you are visiting. You’ll stay in unique accommodation- such as a houseboat in Southern India or a deluxe Bedouin tent in Morocco . Lots of meals included too. It all makes for a very hassle free trip so you can just enjoy yourself!

There are lots of benefits including special interest activities like spa visits, cooking classes, dance classes, perfume making, henna painting, chocolate or wine tasting! The maximum group size is 16 so you can ensure it’s personalised. It’s for women of all ages & average fitness levels.

Destinations on offer:

Exotic Thailand

Southern Jewels of India


Highlights of Peru

Egypt with Nile River Cruise

Northern Jewels of India

Treasures of Turkey

China Delights

Breathtaking Vietnam

Highlights of Argentina

Kenya Safari

Scenic South Africa

Come & see the Galaxy Gals for a brochure to read more about these unique tours & what you would see & do on each. What about getting a group of friends together?

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