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When we were getting married, (a few years ago now),we were constantly asked where we would be honeymooning.

Plenty of exotic suggestions. Maldives would have been nice, maybe Mauritius or perhaps Tahiti ?  We had a wonderful honeymoon, but much closer to home, in the exotic destination of Mount Maunganui! Three days of it! A travel agent’s honeymoon, like the builder’s house and the mechanic’s car....

I was recently speaking with a business colleague, Jono, about his honeymoon.

A month or so travelling  to Europe via Singapore, and home via the States. What a great experience. They visited relatives and friends where they could.  Jono had all sorts of tips , and experienced all sorts of adventures.  Something to look back on in the future, and reminisce about.

They started by staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore (that new ship like hotel with the swimming pool On the 57th floor). They were upgraded to a suite as they were on their honeymoon.  Jono and his bride swam in the evening looking over the City lights of Singapore.  

Another adventure was in East Berlin, biking around the runways of an abandoned Airport.  Jono mentioned they took advantage of free walking tours in many of the places they stayed.  They often stayed in hostels or basic hotels to make the budget go further.

At Galaxy we manage wedding registries. What a great idea these days, when we all have our houses stocked with casserole dishes and clocks to suggest a donation to your honeymoon fund and stock your minds with compartments full of travel memories.

I have!

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