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(By Brooke Bailey)

I was lucky enough to enjoy the art of touring in style on an Insight vacation of Eastern Europe, starting in Frankfurt the tour was 10 days visiting Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

With Insight's smaller group size of 40 people and their custom built coaches that include more legroom and personal space I felt as if I was on a much more exclusive private tour rather than the cliché coach tour.  The hotels I stayed at were all of a very high standard and were well known brands like Hilton's and Sheraton's.  The highlight for me was that they had great locations, so after dinner you could go for a walk and see the sights by yourself.

I found our tour director very informative and willing to help, but what I liked best was that they also have an expert local guide join you when you arrive in some areas.  They give you all of that amazing history unique to their area, which was a great touch.

What I also enjoyed was that we weren’t just rushed from place to place, our itinerary had two and three night stops which meant we didn’t have to get up at 6am each day and be on the road until 6pm.  I felt like I actually saw Eastern Europe rather than just the inside of a coach, and there was time to relax and really enjoy the experience.

I find coach tours an amazing hassle free and social way to see Europe and would more than recommend an Insight vacation to anyone of any age wanting to see Europe in style.

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