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I recently returned from London and Paris and had my first experience with Monograms. This option of travel is great for those that like the idea of independent travel, but without a lot of the hassle that comes with it.

When you book a Monograms, you can expect:

  • An easy, seamless & stress free holiday
  • A cheerful smile awaiting you at the airport on arrival
  • Transfers to your hotel all taken care of
  • A leisurely breakfast followed by a city sightseeing tour to help you find your feet... before you head off on your own.

The key benefit of a Monograms experience is the on-call local expert that has insider knowledge they're keen to share with you. They can book any last minute activities you may want to try (or suggest fantastic alternatives when those are not available), favourite restaurants, theatre shows and transport options to name a few of the things they have in their magic bag of travel tricks!

If you are after a holiday that offers flexibility & freedom, but with the comfort of knowing that there's a knowledgeable guide only a phone call away... then Monograms is for you. You'll be able to catch your breath & get your bearings before striking out on your own adventure.

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