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Kia Orana (Hello from Rarotonga - June 2013

Half right!

There wasn’t as much time for relaxing as I would have hoped, thanks to my extremely nosy travel companion, when we visited the paradise, which is Rarotonga. From the moment we arrived, my camera click, click, clicked.

Not only was the scenery outstanding, but the colours of the fauna and flora, and the dress of the islanders was also stunning.

The temperatures in June were hot and sticky for me; those of you who like our NZ 25-30 degree temps would suck it up and love it. I’m not a hot house flower; I’m not a sun seeker or a sun lounger. But the sun was deliciously warm on ones back as I, head down and tail up in the surf, watched the darting, tropical fish through my goggles.

Before we left to go to Rarotonga, we decided to spend our Flybuys points on an underwater camera. Photos weren’t easy to take as the buoyancy of the seawater had us fighting to get our shots in focus, but we switched to video and our little battery camera did us proud. We managed to capture tiny little ‘Nemo’s, Angel fish, vibrant blue starfish, a moray eel peeking out at us from his home and loads of interesting sea-life hiding amongst the coral.

Food, glorious food! Delicious, fresh fish, fruits that are grown locally and each setting decorated with frangipani flowers, as if the plates didn’t look appetising enough. I ate fish most nights with the occasional curry or steak thrown in, just for a change. The desserts were scrumptious. We sipped away at the many different cocktails whilst watching the waves lap the shores in the evening, a magical time as the resorts gentle lighting flickered and reflected off the water, catching the shine of tiny silver fish as they darted to and fro within the shallows.

Our resort was top notch. I couldn’t fault the accommodation, the staff or the beach hut from where we were able to borrow kayaks, snorkel and goggle sets, diving equipment etc. We hired a bike from the resort and spent many happy, carefree hours driving around the island, stopping here and there for a top up in coffee, foods, shopping and photographs. An Island night was entertaining with typical Island food and native dance.

One day we decided to do the Safari on the Island and enjoyed a trip up to the Needle in a vehicle, which would have fit in well in the wilds of Africa, with two extremely funny and knowledgeable hosts keeping up a running commentary which kept us all entertained.

Needless to say, with all the sightseeing, swimming, snorkelling and riding out in the glass bottom boat, there was not a lot of time left for ‘relaxing’, this I managed for all of fifteen minutes as I waited for the transfer vehicle to collect us from the Pacific Resort to take us back to the airport for our travel back to New Zealand.

A remarkable time was had by both of us and I would recommend to anyone wanting to have the time of their lives in a beautiful, exciting and yet serene setting, that Rarotonga is the place for you.

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