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In 1983 I circumnavigated the island of Oahu on the public bus, 50c, 3 plus hours, stopping at every little enclave, picking up and dropping passengers, freezing air conditioning, No commentary (of course! Its a public bus) and not seeing much.

I wanted to see the big waves, Hawaii is so famous for. So we have just stayed North Shore Oahu for two nights - Hawaii’s version of book a bach.

Great to get out of the city and off the freeways, and away from the traffic congestion. Still congestion on the North Shore though - single lane highway and cars stopping to either park across from or beside the beach, people crossing the road to the beach. All OK as we were doing the same.

The sand is golden. The azure water, bath temperature. It was like stepping back in time and quite a contrast to the chaos of Waikiki. Like going to the beach!

Only difficulty was choosing accommodation - which side of the island? Windward or Leeward. Which bay? What are you getting for what you are paying? We did OK but would do it differently next time. For a guaranteed easy experience book in to the Turtle Bay Resort, and have everything provided. Or book a holiday home but be prepared to pay for lots of extras, not shown in the original pricing.

And book early. November is the Triple Crown surf competition which encompasses three different bays over about a 5 week period-three competitions. It is packed!

November felt like a great time to visit - we are already planning on going back and staying longer.

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