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I'm going to jump straight in and say that I LOVED Mashpi Lodge!! I could easily spend a month there and would go back in a heart beat - it's seriously bucket list material!

Located inside a 1,200 hectare Protected Private Reserve in the heart of the Equatorial Choco Bio-Region, the lodge is very remote and in such a gorgeous setting. All 22 rooms come with floor to ceiling windows, meaning you pretty much go to fall asleep and wake up to the most spectacular views imaginable! It really is an oasis in the Cloud Forest.

Our time was spent doing the most amazing hikes that included incredible bird life, butterflies and scenery, and then you got to cool off afterwards with a swim under a waterfall! That's not an everyday occurrence.

There were just so many highlights...

- The hummingbirds, which you have see yourself to believe, are just so tiny with the most incredible colouring.

- The skybike across a gully – the day we did this, the cloud was low & it was such an eerie experience to bike through the middle of a cloud!
- The guides are second to none and have so much knowledge, they genuinely create the perfect experience for you. And although a reasonable fitness level is recommended to experience all they have to offer, they will cater for all abilities.


The lodge’s incredible contribution to the community and the personal stories of their local staff was showcased brilliantly by BBC on its 'Amazing Hotels – Life Beyond the Lobby' programme, naming it one of the six most amazing hotels in the world!! Check out the series here (episode 2).

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