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Think of Miami and you have visions of fast cars, big boats, sun and surf.

Well Miami is all those things and much more. Beautiful art deco buildings intermingle with modern sky scrappers, tourists from around the world sit side by side on the beach with the locals, and the food, shopping and entertainment are to die for. You can buy anything from labelled brand clothing, bags and shoes to hand rolled Cuban cigars, and if you really want something different… a little dog to fit in that new handbag, complete with accessories.

The cafes and restaurants offer to satisfy every craving you have ever had and the bars, nightlife and entertainment will do the same. The city is surrounded by water ways and lush vegetation. Expect to see the car you always dreamed of having, or the boat that you would really buy if you won lotto. And don’t be star stuck when you rub shoulders with a movie, rock star or someone just rich and famous.

Miami rates right up there now as one of my favourite cities and has been added to my must go back list.

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