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04 December 2018

  • Japan is growing in popularity, so book in advance particularly for the Cherry Blossom season in April
  • More expensive than a lot of Asia, price comparable to Europe
  • Stay at a traditional Japanese ryokan inn for an authentic experience
  • Visiting an onsen (hot spring) is a must
  • The Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, a sensory overload but a fun experience
  • Japan Rail is a great way to discover Japan as it is valid on most Bullet Trains and is cheaper than two Point to Point tickets. Provides unlimited train travel within validity of this pass and the freedom to hop-on/hop-off
  • Explore the small local restaurants and mingle with the locals.
  • There are some amazing little noodle restaurants at the markets and you must experience the Sushi Train.
  • Walk around the local parks, surprisingly lots of them in Tokyo
  • Visit a Sumo Stable to see them train and the Sumo Restaurants where you can watch informal matches in the evening.
  • A day trip to Kyoto to Fushimi-Inari-Taisha Shrine by Bullet Train from Tokyo is a must
  • Animal cafes have sprung up to give locals the chance for pet cuddles. In Tokyo you'll find a cat cafe, a rabbit cafe, and even an owl and hedgehog cafe. Tickets usually include a set amount of time cuddling an animal plus a drink.
  • For an incredible view of Osaka, go to the Omeda Sky Building

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