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Paris! The City of Love

I wasn't sure what to expect on my first visit to Paris. The train plunged beneath the ocean from England to France and resurfaced to show miles upon miles of countryside with the occasional glimpses of old stone farm-houses and even older, stone Churches; their spires standing tall above surrounding trees and poking holes in the brilliant blue of the sky.

Boy! After such a gentle introduction, the reality once we pulled into the station really hit us. We climbed from the train and literally just stood on the platform as hundreds of people milled around us. We finally found an exit and after fighting off the beggars who hang around the outside of the station we weaved our way across the lanes of unmoving traffic to McDonalds to catch our breath and take stock of where we actually were.

Finding our Hotel didn't prove too difficult and we used our 'polished' French on one bystander, what did we say??? Bonjour, parlez-vous anglais? Which we received an answering shake of the head. Gladly, this person appeared to be the only non-English speaking person we encountered.

Walking in Paris is a must! We walked to Notre Dam and crossed a number of the famous bridges along the Seine. Photo opportunities were many and darkness was on us before we ambled back to our Hotel for the night.

Open Topped Tour Busses are the way to travel when not on foot. We spent many hours jumping on and off this mode of transportation, always one to be found somewhere as they do their circuit of this incredible city.

The Louvre, to see the unsmiling painting of the Mona Lisa, the giddy heights of the Eiffel Tower to see the entire city and the Arc de

Triumph. We saw, we photographed and enjoyed our new experiences; yet with the marvel of all these amazing, historical icons, I have to say, our first night, as we walked the bridges and gazed at the Gargoyles encompassing the heavy stone cathedral will always be my favourite part of my short, but memorable stay in Paris.

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