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I had an amazing time in Africa, every country was so different and everyone so friendly. Lots of animals and really yummy food. My flights and stopovers everywhere went smoothly and my border crossing too! Got our passports taken off us in Zambia on the side of the road and thought we were never going to get them back while the policeman was being super dodgy by taking photos of them! I had lots of fun and met some great people, although not a lot as there was on average of about 4 people on the truck with me haha!! But those on board were fab. I went skydiving and sand boarding in Namibia, rafting in Uganda and lots more! An incredible place, I already miss it so much!! D:
As for Bali - it was the best, being reunited with mum and spending a week of relaxing and pampering was the ultimate finish. The second week was also cool to see my gran and do some girly things and all hang out :)
I am now into my 4 month here in the USA, time is going so fast!! I adjusted very easily to life here, although I miss my family lots I haven't yet felt homesick or the real urge to rush home...

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