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Boarding the luxury cruise ship Seabourn Sojourn in Auckland, I

am checking the shore bound passengers to observe whether they
are wearing the “elegant casual” standard of dress we have been
instructed to wear, to board today. Generally the passengers are dressed
casually in holiday wear, maybe a little more elegant to what you would
wear at the beach, but definitely within most kiwi’s wardrobe range.
So, sadly, no extra expenditure is required on your wardrobe to cruise
with Seabourn.
After experiencing this floating, all inclusive, boutique hotel, I
understand the words “elegant casual” actually apply to the ship/
cruise brand Seabourn, and the passengers to be found on board. The
cabins-“suites” are larger than most, eighty percent with balconies
and the rest with large windows-portholes. Plush marble bathrooms
containing a full bath and shower!, a liquor cabinet containing 40
ounce bottles of your pre selected menu, the champagne in the ice
bucket ready for your impending arrival, and available the whole cruise
if you wish. Modern, light and airy restaurants, outdoor dining, cabin
dining by course, and wonderful lounging areas to appreciate the sun,
throughout the ship. This ship is only one year old and on her maiden
round the world voyage.


Costed in US dollars with specials of up to 60percent off, 2011 is
definitely the time to inquire about a Seabourn Cruise. This week with
Galaxy get an extra 5% off!


As I reluctantly disembark, I am reminded of the complexities involved
with booking a cruise. How do you choose? Check with your well
schooled “Elegant casual” World Traveller consultant, and she will be
more than able to assist to sort the best cruise option for you.

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