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Sleep like an Egyptian – Middle Eastern Desert Camping

14 March 2012


At the best of times I am a bit of a tom boy and would prefer an “off the beaten track holiday” to lazing by the pool in 5-star luxury.  So when I finally took that long awaited trip to the Middle East, camping was high on my list of priorities.

While my initial experience of Egyptian accommodation was a nice hotel in Cairo and a not so nice overnight train to the south, I was finally excited to hear we would be camping in Luxor.  Much to my dismay I soon learnt we were to be surrounded by 3 mosques, and being woken throughout the night during Ramadan by the call to prayer was not exactly the way I pictured my camping experience.  Thankfully this is where the bad camping experiences ended and where the adventure began.

From catching my z’s on board a Felucca on the Nile to sleeping at the top of Mt. Sinai to camping out in the desert at Wadi Rum, Jordan, I have never slept as well.  Not once did I pitch a tent.  What was the need when it hadn’t rained in 7 years?  There is nothing like falling asleep under the clear open desert skies, watching for shooting stars on the edge of the horizon.  Waking up as the sun creeps over the hills and sets the golden desert sands on fire.  Or sitting around a camp fire drinking bad Middle Eastern beer, listening to the tinny sound of Arabian pop music floating from a nearby Bedouin camp and keeping a keen eye peeled for scorpions (not that I ever saw one).

The stories and memories I have from sleeping out under the stars are priceless.   A truly amazing way to experience the culture and beauty of the Middle East.

5 Top Camp Sites in Jordan and Egypt:

  1. Wadi Rum, Jordan
  2. On board a Felucca on the bank of the Nile, Egypt
  3. Mt. Nebo, overlooking the Dead Sea, Jordan.
  4. On top of Mt. Sinai, Egypt
  5. St. Paul’s Monastery, Sinai, Egypt.



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