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The Croatian Coast - Europe's New Riviera

The Palace is the heart of Split's historical Inner City and it is vast - over 3000 people live within the palace walls, which surround temples, churches, shops and café.

KORCULA is a walled and towered pedestrian village dating back to the 1400s and very easy to explore on foot. The town claims to be the birthplace of Marco Polo, and contains many reminders of the rule of the Venetians. A key attraction here is St Mark's Cathedral at the central square.   

ZADAR - is one of the Adriatic's most historically interesting towns. It contains Roman ruins, the 9th-century Byzantine-style Church of St Donatus, and 16th-century walls built when the city was subjugated by the Venetians. A stroll along the tree-lined promenade of the harbour is a must, with the opportunity to enjoy the many outdoor cafe's and perhaps taste Zadar's famous maraschino cherry liqueur.

The small island of HVAR is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean and a photographers dream. The village has a population of just 3,800, and is a time-warp back to the middle ages. It is a 13th-century medieval town, and comes complete with its own castle-fort up on the hill. A wander around the harbour cove will take you to a Franciscan Monastery. There are only two monks residing there now looking after church restoration and services. But it is meandering in the soft Mediterranean light, exploring along marbled streets (which given Hvar's size don't have names) that is the charm of the place. Three and four story stone houses and palaces tower above you, many with inviting first floor shops and restaurants. Each lane brings new architectural surprises, sculptured porticos, ancient wooden doors, and bridges spanning alleyways.

MLJET - Mljet Island has one of the eight national parks in Croatia, and was the first institutionalized attempt to protect an original ecosystem in the Adriatic. It has two deep bays (called lakes because of their narrow outlets to the sea), lush and diverse Mediterranean vegetation, and valuable monuments, including a 12th-century Benedictine monastery.

Small ship cruising provides an atmosphere that is casual on board, and food is typical of Croatian regional specialities and fresh produce from local markets in port. 

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