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The "real" Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu

Getting out of Waikiki was a breeze in our Hertz rental car - the depot is at the Hyatt right in the heart of Waikiki.   We cruised North and soon the freeways turned into small 2 lane roads, much like what you might see in Northland in New Zealand.   It really seemed like we'd just entered a time warp.  In a good way!

This Northern part of Oahu is the "real" Hawaii, where the locals go about their business, the surfers surf, there's nothing flashy and no high-rises to be seen.  

The people are friendly, helpful and happy to have a chat.  I caught up with a bloke in one of the many shrimp trucks dotted along the road that runs around the North Shore.   Not only was the shrimp delicious and great value for money, the guy who owned and ran the truck was a true blue local and it was great to stop our journey and have a yarn.

As kiwis we tend to like a bit of interaction and we appreciate the experience of seeing a place how it really is, beyond the tourist trappings.  Don't get me wrong I also loved Waikiki, but it was nice to get back to basics on the North Shore.   I'll be back.

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