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Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons to go trekking but with so many iconic destinations around the world, how do you choose?

AUTUMN (March - May)

Nepal: One of the most popular and pleasant seasons for trekking in Nepal, with the national flower, the rhododendron, in full bloom. Mornings are clear and the high passes are snow free, offering spectacular views of the world’s most celebrated mountain range.

Everest Base Camp & Kala Pattar | 18 days| From NZD $3190.

Our most popular trip to Everest follows the historic route to the base of the world’s highest mountain, staying at comfortable and sustainable permanent campsites along the way.

WINTER (June - August)

Peru: Dry conditions and sunny weather make this the most popular time to trek in Peru. Days are clear in the highlands for the best views from the Inca Trail and in the Amazon basin the mosquitoes are fewer and the fauna tends to stay close to the water. 

Best of Peru | 16 days

Includes the Amazon jungle, Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Manchu Picchu and Lake Titicaca.

SPRING (September - November)

China: Spread over such a vast area, China experiences a rather broad temperature range and weather patterns throughout the year. Autumn days tend to be rather warm and dry and October is the month the Chinese describe as ‘golden’ because of the pleasant weather conditions.

Great Wall Trek | 8 days

Combines sections of the iconic monument with an insight into the ‘real China’.

SUMMER (December - February)

Kilimanjaro: Due to Mount Kilimanjaro’s proximity to the equator, this region does not experience the extremes of winter and summer weather but rather dry and wet seasons. The warm and dry months of January and February are the best to trek Kili, when you are bound to enjoy clear skies in the mornings and evenings.

Kilimanjaro - Rongai Route | 8 days

Head to the summit via remote, less trodden trails, yet with views just as stunning.

Need more ideas on where to go with the change of seasons.....feel free to give us a shout!!

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