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A country of contrasts

Leave your preconceptions at the door and come prepared to have your views changed and your curiosity satisfied. There’s such a range of experiences to be had here that it’s impossible to “do” the USA in a single trip; you’ll need to come back again and again to really get a taste for this diverse country. 

Experience the different neighbourhoods of bustling metropolis New York, taste your way through the south, explore Utah’s iconic National Parks, road trip Route 66, discover the Latin influence in Miami, marvel at the architecture in Chicago, get your dose of politics and history in Washington D.C. and sample delectable seafood on the west coast. 

Whatever kind of US experience you’re after, our expert travel consultants can help you craft a trip that will get you to the heart of this destination.

Things you should know about the USA

The USA has the highest number of immigrants than any other country in the world.

The Empire State Building in New York City has its own zip code.

The longest place name in the USA is Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, a lake in Massachusetts.

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

New York City is best explored by foot. Book a walking tour on day one to get your bearings and experience the Big Apple with locals. I love #realnewyorktours
Nicola McLaren
World Travellers New Plymouth
Take a cycling tour in Chicago with Bobby’s Bike Hike.
Celia Honiss
World Travellers Kerikeri
Check out London House rooftop bar in Chicago, where you’ll get splendid views of the city without the vertigo.
Alex Chisnall
World Travellers Nelson
If you’re in a cab in NYC, don’t be too concerned if you haven’t got the right money. Ask for what change you want, e.g. if your cab ride is $15 and you only have a $50, ask your driver for change of say $30. Don’t panic if you are short of notes – it’s quite acceptable and polite to ask for the change you want.
Caro Imrie
World Travellers Milford
I recommend people visit the northeast of the US, particularly Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and the New England area. It’s great for hiking, skiing and kayaking.
Nicole Knapp
World Travellers Christchurch City
The architectural tour on the river in Chicago is an absolute must-see – there's so much history and back story to Chicago.
Kiri Hill
World Travellers Hamilton
Utah is the most amazing state for hiking through the desert landscapes, slot canyons and brightly coloured rock formations. No two hikes are the same. Spring and autumn are the best for hiking, then winter offers incredible skiing.
Silvana Gottini
World Travellers Motueka

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