Explore boundless diversity in Asia

As much as DIY and Number 8 wire, exploration is in our DNA and there's no better place for Kiwis to explore than Asia. 

An exotic kaleidoscope of sensory stimulation, Asia is the perfect harmony of Michelin-star dining and street food, beaches and mountains, malls and temples. Offering boundless experiences that celebrate its diverse terrain, cultures and food there's no excuse not to create your own Asian adventure. Immerse yourself in local culture or step into lavish a 5-star world that's fit for royalty. So why not try something new? We promise there's way better curry than your local takeaway on the corner and you’re bound to be awe-struck as you drift through the brightest sea of colours imaginable.

Whether you're tantalised by Thailand, captivated by Cambodia or mesmerised by Myanmar, our expert travel consultants can help you create your perfect Asia itinerary. 

Things you should know about Asia

Take the time to look up and explore beyond the tourist map. Go with the flow of people and you'll be amazed by what you experience and where you end up. Don't stress though, if you do get a bit off track it's never very hard to find a friendly face who speaks English and can point you in the right direction. Over half of the 4 billion people in Asia can speak English and they typically love a great chat!

Whether you prefer to explore urban jungles or get above the crowds and escape to the mountains, Asia has it all. Home to the 3 biggest cities and 14 of the tallest mountains in the world. There's an adventure waiting for everyone in.

Asia is so big you can explore many seasons in a single trip. With plenty of regional airlines making travel a breeze, you could easily be spending a New Years day walking barefoot on the glorious beaches of South Thailand, only to be found shredding the snow in Japan a few days later.

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

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