Pacific Islands

Soak up some sun right on your doorstep

Here in New Zealand we’re lucky to live in such close proximity to the Pacific region, which offers up bountiful sunshine and tropical beaches to treat yourself to a relaxing getaway. 

For those after more than a poolside vacation, these islands offer so many adventurous activities, from quad biking and hiking to snorkelling and jet skiing. Added to that is the hospitality of the locals you’ll encounter. You’ll keep coming back for the smiles, the food, and the joys of disconnecting from everyday life. 

It’s easy to have a standard holiday to one of the Pacific Islands, but our expert travel consultants know them like the back of their hands. They’ve got the insider tips to get you off the beaten track and exploring parts of these islands you never knew existed. Reach out to us for a tailor-made Pacific Islands experience today, or choose from one of our offers below.

Things you should know about the Pacific Islands

The word hurricane is used in the eastern Pacific, typhoon in the northwestern Pacific, and cyclone in the southwestern Pacific - and they all describe the same weather pattern.

The Mariana Trench located east of the Philippines is the deepest known place in the world - it’s deeper than the height of Mt Everest. 

The Republic of Kiribati has a population of just 110,000 who are spread over 33 coral atolls across an area of the Pacific Ocean larger than India.

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

I highly recommend hiring a rental car (or scooter if you dare!) when on the island of Rarotonga. It is the best (and only way really) to get around the island. Also, eat away from your resort, there are so many local restaurants that are worth visiting and would benefit from your spending dollars.
Teryl Tumai
World Travellers Fuzion Travel
The Yasawa Islands are a chain of volcanic islands in northern Fiji which are unaffected by overtourism. As well as soaking up some sun, you can swim with mantaray and snorkel over the most incredible colourful and alive coral teaming with fish that rivals anywhere in the world.
Angela Sargeant
World Travellers Nelson
When on Niue, make sure you enjoy delicious Roti from Gill’s Indian takeaway for lunch, a five course Japanese dinner from Kaiika, coffee & brownies from The Crazy Uga and a lunch time visit to Hio Café where they cook you restaurant-style burgers on the BBQ.
Kirsten Adams
World Travellers Fuzion Travel
It’s well worth hiring a car in Samoa and exploring not only the beaches, but also the waterfalls and local markets.
Sarah Bartlett
World Travellers Fuzion Travel

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